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Running A-frame On-Line Class

International competitor and OneMind Dog Coach, Rachel Sanders, is offering her running A-Frame box method in an online classroom.  This method has proved to be highly successful in dogs of all shapes and sizes.  All levels are welcome. If you are just starting out with the box, have started training the box but have questions and would like additional help and feedback or you have a stopped A-frame and would like to retrain your dog to a running A-frame, this class is for you!

Rachel’s method gives your dog a clear understanding of the criteria for a successful running A-frame performance.  The box method trains your dog using a clear step by step process.  Specific criteria is achieved with the completion of each step before moving on to the next step.  This allows both dog and handler to fully understand each behavior.

The rate of learning is different for each dog and handler team therefore Rachel structures her course to the individual, not a set curriculum.  There will be no “group” weekly assignments.  Rachel will help with the training of each step as well as the criteria needed for each step throughout the course with the use of video or her own dogs as well as personal feedback to each participant’s submitted video.  The goal of Rachel’s method is to train your dog to perform the A-frame reaching the contact zone in a comfortable and reliable manner.

Course Requirements

NOTE  the current on-line class is hosted by Clean Run On-Line

  • Minimum age for the course is 8 months.
  • Equipment requirements – A-frame box
  • Access to 2 jumps
  • Access to an A-frame – It is possible to train this obstacle with dedicated A-frame access once a week.  Access 2-3 times per week is preferable. Daily access is ideal although not necessary!
  • My Reliable Running A-frame DVD is recommended and can be purchased from Clean Run Reliable Running A-frame DVD from Clean Run

Descriptions of participant levels

  • Working Student – you post video for feedback and discussion
  • Auditor – you may not post video but are able to post questions and comments for feedback
  • Observer – you may view all videos, feedback and discussion but may not post videos, questions or comments.

On-line Running A-frame Class