What’s Happening!

March 2020

A lot is happening and nothing is happening simultaneously. #COVID19

For years students have asked me to support their agility training remotely and offer on-line classes. I resisted not because I felt it was a bad way to communicate but more because I never found the time to sit for hours researching platforms, testing products etc.  Filming and editing content – additionally until recently my internet coverage  was slow and painful and closer to a coma sometimes. A 90 second video would take 3 1/2 hours to upload and would often fail half way through. It’s still not great but it is at least functional now.

COVID-19 is pulling me to catch  up with the rest of you. I am now on Facebook. I have 2 classes ready to start through a private Facebook . I am up until 3:30 editing video content for additional classes, self-study and problem solving on-line groups.

I look forward to learning with you – me learning to navigate the best way to present lessons and you learning to be the best agility handler and trainer for your dog.

New on-line classes April 2020

Course work and short sequences

Independent backsides.


Coming soon

Puppies – 8 wks to 8 mths

In-motion threadles – “with me” aka “in in”


Running A-Frame On-line Class

Running A-Frame on line class – September 2019 hosted through Clean Run Learning Center . Working students are limited to 12. For registration information go to Clean Run Learning Center

Fast Forward Agility and Social Media

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EMAIL  Rachel@fastforwarddogsports.com

Rachel Sanders and Eileen Harnedy co-own RACE a non-profit hosting Agility Competitions on the Central Coast of California.  Visit RACE on Facebook

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