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Private lessons & Workshops Barto, PA

Barto Oct-Nov 2019 Lessons and Workshop Schedule

Note: the email on the original schedule was incorrect – this attachment is current and correct!!!


Running A-Frame On-line Class

Running A-Frame on line class – September 2019 hosted through Clean Run Learning Center . Working students are limited to 12. For registration information go to Clean Run Learning Center

Fast Forward Agility and Social Media

Fast Forward Agility’s Facebook Page

Rachel on Twitter

Rachel on You Tube

EMAIL  Rachel@fastforwarddogsports.com

Rachel Sanders and Eileen Harnedy co-own RACE a non-profit hosting Agility Competitions on the Central Coast of California.  Visit RACE on Facebook

Although to quote The Borg – “Resistance is futile”. Rachel the individual is currently not active on Facebook.

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