ADCH Highcroft Spinner


February 19, 1992

I was in the UK for a vacation and to find a puppy. As I drove onto the site of a Sheepdog Trial, I looked over to a car with a black-tri BC tied to it. I asked my friend who he was—I just had a good feeling when I saw Sam. By chance he had recently sired some pups and although we were not sure if there were any left I decided to investigate further and get one if I liked them.

There was a male and female pup left. I drove to Worcestershire and decided on the 14-week old little male pup.

Spinner and I arrived in San Francisco two weeks later and from the day I took him from the farm I knew he was the most fantastic dog I will probably ever have the pleasure of owning. Just a great dog with so much confidence and love of life—from swimming and sailing on a Hoby Cat to learning tricks and agility—he loves everything and everyone.

I was not “into” agility in those early days—more into obedience, but jokingly trained Spinner to weave and take jumps and tunnels while I sat in a chair with a beer in one hand and cigarette in the other. Urrrrrgh, you guessed it. When I decided to take agility seriously, poor Spinner had some retraining to do!

Today he is retired from agility and even though he is nearly 16 years old, spends his days hiking up the hills on our property, standing in the water tubs barking and being spoiled by Michael. Sadly Spinner died in December 2010.