ADCH MACH3 Highcroft Fern


March 5, 1994

I was looking for a female puppy with the intention of breeding to Spinner. A friend in England told me about a bitch puppy needing a home as she wasn’t really working out with the person who bred her—she was quite soft and a little anxious. Anyway Sue said she would keep her until they came out for a visit in October.

Whist was 7 months old when I picked her up at SFO. She hadn’t traveled well, in total contrast to Spinner. She had messed in her crate and lost some weight during the ordeal.

Almost immediately after her arrival I noticed that despite her anxious disposition she had great recovery skills. When she was sure of something she would give her all. She is a dog with tremendous heart and willingness to do whatever for you and I could see those qualities in her even in those early days.

Whist did have one litter. I was careless and needless to say I found myself with 7 puppies, sired by Spinner. Whist was only 18 months old and had not had her hips and elbows x-rayed. Whist was x-rayed later and found to have hip dysplasia and so did one of the puppies. I was devastated as I had decided not to take a puppy from that litter but to wait until I bred her again at a later date. Whist was spayed and I never got my Spinner x Whist pup.

Whist started what was to become a brilliant agility career and started me on my journey in the wonderful sport of agility.

She has an impressive list of agility accomplishments, but more importantly she is a confident, happy, playful dog with so much heart and I can never thank her enough for the opportunities she has given me.

She is now retired, plays constantly with Trump and Stuie and on occasion eats her way through my clients treat containers (soft or hard). Oh well, if that’s all I can think that she does that is bad she’s a pretty perfect dog! Sadly Whist died in September 2010.