Fast Talk’s Good Trouble



2020 was a year full of struggles and tragic life altering events but it also bought some good things. I was thinking about another puppy but wasn’t sure I wanted to take on a puppy while Stuie was still with us. However when I heard that my friends Jess and Perry were breeding Jess’s phenomenal dog Hallelujah I had one of those good feeling moments and asked if I could be considered for a puppy. Electric Lettuce is a super sweet, smart, enthusiastic puppy. It was interesting to watch her and her siblings from afar via FaceTime and videos without being involved in their reactions and activity. I saw so many nice reactions to things from her and felt that she would be a great fit for me and the pack. I still had to wait for Perry and Jess to pick but I was leaning towards Lettuce or her sister Genny.

Lettuce is everything I thought I saw in those phone calls and videos and more. She is a GREAT puppy, friendly, has great dog sense, easy going, sweet and learns so quickly and does EVERYTHING with enthusiasm.

I love living with her, training her and watching her antics with wine bottles, poop bags, slip and slide rugs. Thank you Jess and Perry for trusting me with such an awesome puppy.