Bellridge’s Make a Deal


January 27th 2012

Rummy arrived in January 2013 from Kari Jepson and Barbie Trammell via Deb Davidson Harpur. She is a “coated” American Hairless Terrier.

Rummy is just super! She has a fantastic temperament, she is wonderfully friendly, confident,  playful and quick to learn – loves people and she hasn’t met a dog who she couldn’t get to chase her yet. She loves being the bunny and whizzes around out maneuvering the other dogs.

Since I got her in January 2013 she has been all over – MN, CO, NH, CA, OK, TX and now on our way East for the summer.. She is fantastic at seminars when I am teaching all day she will rest in her crate, never fuss if dogs are going past her etc but is ready to get out and play when I get a break. I have been on a couple of trips with just her and Gifted, they play constantly in the hotel room and we have to have a ground floor room!!!!

She does have one bad thing though – she LOVES finding dead things – urghhhhhh – I know she is a terrier but my other terriers like to kill things and then leave them alone – not Rummy she likes the dead ones. Anyway her recall is getting better and the frequency of her finding something dead is less!!!!

She loves sleeping under the covers and on my lap in the evening if I am watching TV, she would be my constant companion if she could (with the exception of hunting for dead things!) When I take a shower she curls up on the bath mat and waits for me to get done, when I turn on the hairdryer she likes to have her very short hair blow-dried!!!!

As far as training goes she is doing well, working on toy drive – which she has but it needs to be on demand so I can switch between food and toy rewards. Her sit stay is coming along, as is her down and her recall is getting more consistent. She is starting to come when I need her not just when I have treats – progress!!!. As far as agility obstacles go everything is sort of started and hopefully this summer we will make some headway when I can find time to train her!

Rummy has been to 2 shows and is showing both progress and promise. The first show was May 2014 and she was a little distracted and I only ran her in a couple of the classes she was entered in. Over the summer 2014 it became apparent that she has been “home schooled” to much. So working for her breakfast and dinner, plus a little less freedom was the name of the game for several weeks to help her work in other environments. In August 2014 I entered her at another show and as you can see from the top photo things have definitely improved.