Seminars and Workshops

April 2023

Fast Forward Agility, Templeton, CA

April 22-23, 2023

Please read this entire email for information on details, deadlines,, and refund policies. If you have any questions, please email or call for clarification.

The seminar will be held over 2  days – Saturday April 22, Sunday April 23 2023

The seminar will be at Fast Forward Agility – 50 2nd Street, Templeton, CA 93465

Registration opens on Friday March 10, 2023 at 7am PT. Please complete the attached form and return to Rachel Sanders at

 Groups – 9-10 people in each group

Cost – each days session is $235 –  weekend is $470 – Full payment due March 31st

Deposit – $75 per session – weekend is $150 – Due within 5 days of notification of your working spot(s)

Short sequence seminars – Short sequences with jumps and tunnels only. Emphasis on the details of techniques and dog lines. Short sequences is appropriate and challenging for all levels from young dogs to experienced teams. Short sequences will be on the sand/textile field.

Coursework – all equipment possible. Challenges included are those commonly seen on ISC, UKI, and European style courses. Emphasis on dog lines, handler running points, critical points, many handling/technique options.  Coursework is appropriate for seasoned teams that are performing all equipment and competing at the highest level of your agility organization.  Coursework will be on the turf field.

Payment/refunds/policies: IMPORTANT

·       Deposits are due within 5 days of notification of your working spots. 

·       Deposits are non-refundable unless there is a waitlist. 

·       Full payment is due by Friday March 31st. 

·       If you have to withdraw and there is a waitlist available, you will receive a full refund. 

·       There is NO GUARANTEE of a waitlist. 

·       If there is no waitlist, there will be no refund unless the participant finds a suitable team to fill their working spot. 

·       It is the sole responsibility of the participant to find a suitable substitute if there is no waitlist. 

·       In the event of cancelation due to natural disaster, severe weather, pandemic, alien invasion, illness, act of god, murder hornets, or other event beyond the organizer’s control – all monies will be refunded after non-refundable seminar expenses are paid (amount TBD). 

Registration opens on March 10th at 7am PT. 

Any registration forms received before 7am PT on March 10th will not be considered.