Seminars and Workshops

Workshops – December 2022

HMBDS – Half Moon Bay, CA

December 10, 2022

Young Dogs – 9-12:30  – Dec 10, 2022

Sequences consisting of 8-12 obstacles consisting of jumps and tunnels only (contacts and weaves will not be included).

Masters/International handling – 1:30-5:00 – Dec 10, 2022

This is a handling workshop working on technical courses. Dogs should be 18 months or older and proficient on all obstacles and be able to complete UKI Masters/Champ AKC Premier/ISC or USDAA Biathlon level courses

Each workshop is limited to  7 dogs – $140.00 

To reserve your spot email me at


Workshops – November 2022

Fast Forward Agility, Templeton, CA

Running Points & Critical Points – 9:00-12:30 – October 30, 2022 – FULL

Running a course requires an understanding of your dog’s line – an understanding of your ability to move around the course and then putting both together to produce a smooth, choreographed dance resulting in a clean run.

Do you under or over estimate your speed relative to your dog’s speed?

Motion is our most important cue, learn how to define your running points and get to your critical points on course. Sequences will be 10+ obstacles consisting of jumps and tunnels only.

Train Smart for Trial Success. – 1:30-5:00 – October 30, 2022 – FULL

Learn how to get the most out of your training time. Split problems into bite size pieces and make progress so when you encounter the same or similar setup in competition you are confident that your dog has been trained to execute the sequence successfully.

Teaching Verbal Discriminations – 9:00-12:30 – November 19, 2022 – FULL

Verbal cues should be used to add clarity to your handling and help your dog choose the correct response. However many verbal cues are taught with other motion/position cues and these cues tend to override the learning of the verbal cue as they are the more natural cues for your dog to follow. 

You should never expect a verbal cue to override motion and other physical cues. Verbal cues should be supported by handling but allow the handler to have more flexibility throughout the course.. When teaching the verbal cue it should be isolated from the other more natural cues.

These are some of the verbal cues we may cover during the workshop.

Collection; Slow down; Backside; Threadle (slice); Threadle (wrap); Turn away – generic; Left and Right; S line to the tunnel; 3 – tunnel exit cues

It will not be possible to cover the training of all of these cues in one workshop so content will be based on working participants requests.

Weavepole Skills – 1:30-5:00 November 19,2022 – FULL

We will work on entries, exits, independence, side changes and discriminations featuring the weave poles.

Tunnel Skills. – 9:00-12:30 – November 20, 2022 – one spot available

The tunnel is one of the least trained obstacles in agility! We will focus on teaching some of the necessary tunnel skills such as entries, exits, discriminations, verbals and timing of cues.

Deceleration – 1:30-5:00 – November 20, 2022 – FULL

Whether your dog is fast, doesn’t like turning or is undermotivated, this is a much-needed skill for all agility competitors.  Most agility courses consist of many more turns than straight lines and most of these turns need deceleration skills.  In this workshop, you will learn why, when, and how to use deceleration.   We will cover the differences between the rhythm change, send, and turning into your dog.

All workshops are limited to 6 people. Cost $140.00